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Early Colonists of East Florida and West Florida

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Andrew Turnbull

Andrew Turnbull Family
Birth: c. 1718-20 Pl of Birth: Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Father: Mother: Wife: Maria Garcia Dura Bin md. c. 1751 Children: Nichol, John, William Duncan, Robert J., Margaret, Mary, Jane (Jenny) Came to FL 1767 East FL Colonized New Symrna, Florida A Brief History of New Symrna Beach, FL
Occupation: Physician One of the founders of the South Carolina Medical Society, parent of the AMA. Pl of Death Charleston, SC Allegiance: British-SC-US Loyalist Left FL Sailed May 7, 1781 for Charleston, South Carolina

Name: John Turnbull Birth: c. 1737 Pl of Birth: Dumfriesshire, Scotland Father: Mother: Wife: 1. Belcy Perry (Choctaw) Children: George, William, Sylvia, Mary 2. Catherine Rucker Children: Daniel, Maria, Gaultero
Rosedown Plantation home of Daniel Turnbull
Came to FL 1763 West FL as an Indian Trader Occupation: Merchant Pl of Death Louisiana Death: c. 1800 Allegiance: John & Walter Turnbull - Oath of Allegiance to Spain 1783 Left FL Family Tradition: John Turnbull with mother, father, sister and brother, Walter arrived in Mobile. John was about 26 years old. (Harley D. Anders)


Elihu Hall Bay

Birth: 1754 Pl of Birth: Harve de Grace, MD or York County, PA Father: Andrew, son of John Bay Mother: daughter of Elihu Root Wife: Margaret Turnbull Holmes Children: Andrew, William, Margaret, Garcia Came to FL: 1774 West FL Occupation: Admiralty Judge, Attorney Death: 1834 Pl of Death: Charleston, South Carolina Allegiance: British-SC-US Loyalist Left FL: 1781 Galvez captures Pensacola

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